Wedding Planner

Weddings are significant events in people’s lives so we assists with the design, planning, and management of a client’s wedding. We source for wedding venues and wedding suppliers, we coordinate with you and take care of all the logistical details of the wedding on the day of the wedding itself. You’ll be getting full service and planning which includes managing budget, vendors, venues and all the details. To ensure a smooth day we give a detailed timeline incorporating the photographer’s timeline, DJ or Band’s timeline and our own timeline for the entire duration of the wedding day. The last thing we want is a ceremony and reception that could have worked for any couple. We would suggest adding as many small, personal touches as possible so your wedding is uniquely yours. Some ideas we love: asking for song requests, creative table numbers, and serving unexpected treats.

And we not only plan your sangeet night but we also plan every event which connects the wedding. With all the decorations and technical materials. Probably the services will be a combination of duties, depending on your needs and budget. Even if you are newly engaged, you will probably realize that this process includes many details that require you to be organized, stick to a budget and stay on schedule. We also will be running a grand rehearsal a day before with all the props and back dancers, so that we don’t get any kind of hurdles on your grand day.